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Our commitments

Your customs formalities
Aware that the slightest error can cause the development of human compromise and heavy fines, business wise, we verify compliance and the sincerity of your documents in your file customs but we do not certify the documents filed. The shipper or the sender is responsible for his documents. We have a highly qualified Customs Service to help you avoid unpleasant surprises.
Our customs risk mastership made us excellent contacts with the Customs. In enlightened professionals, we help you and pay for the establishment of customs and trade documents.
Rapidity et responsiveness
Our experience of the workings and circuitry of the files is at your disposal. We guarantee fast processing of your freight. So you had a clearance or a copy of your package in a quick time.
Our responsiveness indicates our diligence. We provide solutions to problems related to your package at every stage of processing your order. We aim to serve you 7 / 7 and 24/24.